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So what is the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?

We are a society of people on a spiritual journey, trying to increase our knowledge of and participation in God’s plan for us. One of the ways we grow spiritually is to help our neighbors in times of need and SVDP is the perfect vehicle for facilitating this help.

We are a Society of . . . . . . listening to people’s struggles and hardships and trying to help them in the best way we can.

We are a Society of . . . . . .help, keeping a family out of the dark by paying their electric bill; keeping a roof over a family’s head when eviction threatens.

We are a Society of . . . . . food bags delivered with a smile, of dignity delivered to those who need it most – a fresh perspective and a view of the possibilities.

We are a Society of . . . . . . promise for the future by helping with tuition, providing clothing and shoes for a child returning to school, or we are that gentle nudge to finish high school or complete a GED.

We are a Society of . . . . smiles and a listening ear; hope for those who feel as if they will never stop struggling, to those who see no light at the end of the tunnel.

We are a Society of . . . . . a hot shower, fresh laundry and a filling meal for the homeless, of one person’s cast offs being turned into another person’s treasures, of children’s smiles at Christmas time.

We are a Society of ...dentures and a confident smile for those who thought they could never smile again.

Friends of the Poor® Walk

Many thanks to our Sponsors, Donors, Walkers and Volunteers for making the 2017 Friends of the Poor® Walk a huge success! To sign up for the walk go to https://www.fopwalk.org/.

  • Platinum Sponsor:
  • Brown Helicopter, Inc.
  • Engineered Cooling Services
  • Studer Foundations, Inc.
  • Gold Sponsors:
  • Joe Patti Seafood Company
  • Lewis Bear Company
  • Sandy Sansing Dealerships
  • Warrington Veterinary Clinic
  • Whibbs, Stone, Barnett
  • Silver Sponsors:
  • Bishop Bill Wack, CSC
  • Ashbrie Cinemas d/b/a The Ridge Cinema 8
  • Biggs Construction Co., Inc.
  • Lee's Glass & Window Works
  • Patti's Marine Yard
  • Patton Wealth Advisory
  • Perdido Heating & Air
  • Siemens
  • Mary Travis (Nativity)
  • Vince Whibb Automotive Group
  • Woodlands Medical Specialists (Dr. Brett L. Parra)
  • Bronze Sponsors:
  • Castellani Hauling, Inc.
  • Michael Larson Prolegal Discovery
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Reflections Landscaping, LLC
  • John & Pam Endacott
  • Jansen Kitchen & Bath
  • John S. Carr & Associates
  • Pensacola Greyhound Racing, LLP
  • Pensacola Shipyard & Marina
  • ProHealth, Inc.
  • Quina Grundhoefer Architects
  • Rodney Rich & Company
  • St. Anne Bellview Altar Society
  • St. Thomas More (Pensacola)
  • W3 Engineering Inc.
  • Bell Steel Company
  • Hill Company Gulf States, LLC
  • Memorial Sponosors, In Loving Memory Of:
  • Earth Products (Mary Almand)
  • J.G. Buehler & Co. (Blaise Adams)
  • Justine Simoni (Scott Baehr)
  • Tony & Linda Terhaar (Ruthella Grace Martin)
  • $100 Contributors:
  • Lanico, Inc.
  • James & Kathryn Miller
  • Calvin B. Moore
  • Catherine L. O’Malley
  • Mrs. John E. Perry (Sissie)

Follow Friends of the Poor® Walk on Facebook. To sign up for the walk go to https://www.fopwalk.org/.

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